Pietro Passarelli

Hi, I’m Pietro, I am a product developer, passionate about early stage products, especially at the intersection between news and technology.

I also take photos, film documentaries and write up ‘how-tos’ “Tips Tricks & Quick Fix” and blog posts.

Pietro Buenos Aires Media Party Workshop Picture from 2016 Buenos Aires Hacks/Hackers Media Party, while giving workshop “How to craft compelling stories out of video interviews?”

Pietro Buenos Aires Media Party Keynote Picture from 2017 Buenos Aires Hacks/Hackers Media Party, while giving keynote talk “10 Lessons from building video product tools in the newsroom”

Personality Snapshot from IBM Watson Personality insight

Well-adjusted: Likely has good social skills and typically gets along well with others. Likely a relatively grounded person who values friendships, works hard, and has healthy life goals.

Analytical thinker: Likely a focused troubleshooter and analytical thinker who relies on facts and data to understand and solve challenges. Tends to think in a structured and logical manner, and typically approaches problems by analyzing them from multiple perspectives.

Secure: Independent, looks out for their own best interests, and has a strong sense of who they are as a person. Does not typically seek the approval of others for validation.

( IBM Watson Personality Insight Twitter Demo )

Pietro bio photoScreenshoot from making of RAI5 UBIQ documentary 2012