Pietro Passarelli

.sbv to .csv

Stack: Ruby, Git, GitHub,
Convert youtube generate captions into csv for google spreadsheat paper-editing

As part of a paper edit workflow you can get your interviews transcribed by youtube captions, and then upload them onto google spreadhseet to do make a selection and share them with collaborators.

The weakest link in the chain is turning the .sbv file from youtube into a .csv that can be uploaded onto google spreadsheet. I am not going to go into details about this now, but let’s just say that the workflow involved find and replace in word and passing a .txt file into excell, and even then there was a los of accuracy in the process.

So I wrote this quick ruby script that can be run from the terminal to format captons/transcriptions(.sbv) generated by youtube into a .csv file that can be uploaded seamesly onto a google spreadsheet without needing further formatting. As mentioned This is part of a prototype for a paper editing workflow.

I used ruby, an the book Beginning Ruby: From Novice to Professional.