Pietro Passarelli

Fact2 Transcriptions Text Editor

Stack: node, backbone, Bootstrap, Bootswatch, HTML5, CSS, Git, Javascript, webpack,
Largely inspired by oTranscribe a client side transcriptions text editor for Fact2's proofreaders to correct automatically generated text from speech to text services

Fact2 (pronounced Fast Squared) uses machine learning & neural networks to turn unstructured video, audio, text, PDFs to rich, searchable structured data.

I was contracted to create an open source transcription text editor for their pool of proofreaders to correct the automated transcriptions generated by their system using speech to text services.

For github repo see here.

Fact2 Screenshot

Key features

  • supports HTML5 audio and video

  • hypertranscript: double click on a word takes you to corresponding part in the media (audio / video).
    • with customizable interval, default at 3 seconds before
    • in text indication of media time
  • Rollback button, with custumizable variable, default at 15 seconds
  • puase while typing toggle, with customizable interval, default at 3 sec.
  • hide video toggle, (for when concentrating on transcribing/proofreading and it gets distracting)
  • jump to time
  • usal play, pause, rewind, forward, progress bar etc…
  • Keyboard shortcuts, for all of above

  • speed controls, and display of playback rate

  • shortcut to display keyboard shortcuts, and display of keyboard shortcuts along side interface

  • seamless/plain text editing experience.

  • support to
    • display confidence scores
    • display unaligned words
    • add and display speaker diarizaiton info, with button and shortcut
    • add description info eg [inaudible], with button and shortcut
  • mobile responsive (altho double tapping on words not enabled yet)