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Tips Tricks & Quick Fix

Compared to a blog posts these Tips Tricks & Quick Fixes are generally aiming to be slightly dryer and to the point. Useful as a quick reference or to get relatively quickly up to speed.

How to add hypertranscript to your word press blog using Hyperaud.io - draft

Open Source
2021 Aug 04

Some notes on the steps to get setup and use the hyperaudio wordpress plugin on your wordpress blog/site.

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Electron + Github Actions

Open Source
2021 Jul 27

Building and deploying Electron, for Mac, Windows and Linux, to github releases using github actions

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New Mac Setup

2021 Jul 21

Setting up a new mac is hopefully a once in a blue moon activity. However when it does happen is hard to remember what's the minimum you need to get started. So here's my latest list.

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🚀 Web Performance optimization checklist

2021 Jul 16

A checklist to improve web performance of your site, base on a workshop I attended at MozFest a while back

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How to prevent unnecessary re-renders in React - draft

2019 May 16

Some notes on how to how to prevent unnecessary re-renders in React

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Approaching a complex problems

2019 Jan 16

Some notes on my take on how to break down a complex problem, when working on early stage products

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Testing Strategy - Draft

2019 Jan 06

Some notes and considerations for a testing strategy for React web apps, I've gathered over time from various BBC News Labs projects

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Electron github travis CI & linux

2018 Jul 18

How to setup github for your electron project to have a linux Continuos integration build

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FFMPEG And Electron

2017 Nov 16

How to use ffmpeg with the fluent-ffmpeg node library in electron.

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Create multiple folders and subfolders from bash script

2015 May 25

How to create multiple folders in one go with a bash script

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programmatic EDL

2015 May 17

What do you need to know about EDL to be able to work with it programmatically?

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Regex - an easier approach

2015 May 17

How to build more complex regex without going insane

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Doc Showreel-How To

2013 Apr 07

How to make a documentary showreel

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