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A framework for Front End System Design interviews

2021 Jun 16

Walk through of a framework I've used in Front End System Design interviews.

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Sailing: Man Overboard (MOB) - notes

2020 Jul 25

Overview of man overboard maneuver

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10 things you can learn about agile from “Stranger Things”

2019 Jul 31

10 things you can learn about agile software development from the film-making of Netflix’s “Stranger Things”

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How I ran the textAV event - draft

2018 Feb 08

How to engage a micro community of practitioners around a problem domain. And go beyond the 'hackathon format' for comunity events

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Some thoughts on open sourcing strategies

2017 Dec 08

After a conversation at the Open News Unconference (London October 2017) during the week of MozFest, I thought I would have been good to dot down some ideas on things I’ve found to work, as a strategy for open sourcing and more generally work in the open to engage a community around your project.

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Aligning partially scripted speeches, R&D Notes

2017 Nov 09

Initially started as an email response to someone asking about this, then decided to convert into a blog post, so these are my R&D Notes on how I would go about doing it with the technology available today.

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10 Lessons from building video product tools in the newsroom.

2017 Aug 01

Presented lessons learned from building autoEdit.io and other video product tools at Vox Media at the computational journalism conference at Northwestern University C+J '17, and Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires Media Party '17.

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textAV event

2017 Jul 19

TextAV is a three-day working group in New York City, July 19-21, 2017, with leading technologists, application developers, and practitioners working in the area of online audio and video, with a particular focus on the use of captions and transcripts to facilitate and speed up the production process.

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How to tell compelling stories out of video interviews?

2017 Jul 07

E-book based on a series of hands on Workshops in London, Buenos Aires, New York and Florence Introducing paper-editing to answer the question 'How to craft compelling stories out of audio or video interviews?' through key story crafting concepts, this is the underlying analogue workflow that inspired autoEdit.io

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Reflections on the 2016 Knight-Mozilla Fellow

2017 Mar 31

A sort of 'year in review' or the Knight-Mozilla fellowship I did with the Vox Product team.

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Programming 101 with Ruby

2016 Jul 21

The basics of programming with ruby while making a time-codes converter

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So you want to learn to code … - draft

2015 Nov 23

For my friends who have been asked me how to learn to code

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The minimum (I think) you should know about documentary films

2014 Apr 28

Representing Reality: Key ideas in documentary theory and practice

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Beyond 'video as black boxes'

2013 Apr 08

Various interesting uses of video on the web, both in form of tools and editorial projects.

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