Pietro Passarelli

Captioning app [Working Title]

Stack: ffmpeg, ffprobe, node, Watson STT, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, Git, Javascript, aeneas,
Turbo charge the captioning workflow using automated transcription, punctuation, alignement and segmentation.

captioning app screenshot

During the textAV event with a small team we did the requirements gathering based on Joseph Polizzotto’s presentation and oTranscribe.

In the following weekend I built an app that considerably speeds up and simplify the captioning workflow.

  • It auto transcribes
  • It adds punctuation automatically
  • User can then correct the text
  • It auto segments and aligns to create caption file.


See demo here for demonstration purposes (click load and then align).

It auto transcribes using speech to text service to give you a first draft, it auto adds the punctuations, you can review and correct, and when you click align it segments and auto aligns(very fast) to create a caption file (srt but could support more format) similar to youtube captioning editor.

Gives you a preview of the caption file, with clicable timecodes that take you to that point in the video.