Pietro Passarelli

Audava London based Startup, online audio stories

Stack: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Bootstrap Watch, HTML, CSS, Heroku, Git, GitHub, javascript, record.js, Amazon S3,
For the Audava london based startup, as part of one of the UCL Msc industry projects, inspired by soundcloud, a audio story recording/sharing application.

Using Record.Js the user can either record audio directly from the application or upload an audio file. The application let’s the user playback the file using audio.js and provides an encripted URL to securily share the audio recording with others (who may not be users of the application).

This was a group project in a team of 3, and also included an HCI component of making sketches and mockups and establishing user requirements.

One of the most interesting part was implementing the encripted URL, to allow users to share their audio with ‘non-users’ of the application.