Pietro Passarelli

Ca'Lamma B&B

Stack: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Rails,
One Page layout site for Ca'Lamma Bed & Breakfast

I could have used jeklyll or some other site generator sistem, but since it was such a simple site, I decided to make it directly in HTML using bootstrap with sublime text 2. Using bootstrap, and speficifying responsivness for differnt screensizes and adding that to image tag.

One Page Responsive Site

also using anchor tag in the sections and setting menubar links to those ids, one page scroll layout.

Working with images

used bootstrap columns and rows to create a responsive a picture grid.

also used lightbox javascript plugin.

Contact form

I decided to use google forms, and style the front facing HTML.

Making the phone number cliccacable, as the advantage that if viewing from mobile devises you can call with one tap.

I made the e-mail link pre-populated.

unrelated from the form I also added a get directions field, that integrates with google maps.