Pietro Passarelli

Cutting DSLRs with Canon XF100

Filming with Canon DSLR and Canon XF100 will it cut in the edit?

Sometimes a DSLR just won't do it, weather it is because you are self shooting and need proper sound, weather is because you need to film longer then 10 minutes continuously, and so on..

But what to do when you need to cut a DSLR with another ENG type of camera?

In short my answer is: use a Canon Xf100 or Xf300.

We used 7D , 550D and Canon Xf100 to film a short documentary about an up and coming electro-swing band (The Swingrowers) .

We filmed a live concert with 3 camera point.
One opposite the stage(Xf100) and two moving once(7D and 550D). The advantage was that the xf100 could record continuously and make it easier to sync in post with plural eyes on fcp.

We also filmed a radio interview, with a fixed camera point(Xf100) and a moving one (7D) following who was speaking of the four guests. The 7D was on a DIY shoulder rig for stabilization.

Canon 7D - de-saturated and eye droped blacks and whites
Here are two screenshots, one from 7D and one  from the XF100 from the radio interview. After they have been color corrected

Both footage were converted to apple pro ress 422.

To get them to match and make the cut less noticable, we:

For the 7D footage, eye dropped blacks and whites, and de-saturated the footage.

Canon Xf100 - removed colour cast and raised saturation

For the Xf100 footage, there was a bit of green color cast due to the paper white balance in

forescent light acting up a bit, so once we removed that, we eyedropped the whites and the blacks.

These are the final results,

And this is what they looked like before the color correction.

Xf100 - green color cast

7D -over saturated

Below is the full length final mini doc, were you can see how the 3 cameras cut together

ps: I do realise this posts, does not mentione setting pictures profiles on the DSLR and on the XF100. which is rather important as it will help you make the most of post.

But for the DSLR you can look up vincent laforet's blog or philip bloom on the cinestyle once.
and for the XF100 check out the BBC recommended specs, also in my other post.