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How to craft compelling stories out of video interviews?

Hands on Workshop in London with the Whistleblower Interview Archive

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So you want to learn to code … - draft

For my friends who have been asked me how to learn to code

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use fenced code blocks in jekyll

A quick step by step how to use fenced code blocks in jekyll instead of liquid tags

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Php - installing Laravel MVC Framework

A quick step by step to install Laravel php MVC framework

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Rails - installing Devise Gem

A quick step by step to install the devise user authentication gem in rails

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Create multiple folders and subfolders from bash script

How to create multiple folders in one go with a bash script

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Regex - an easyer approach

How to build more complex regex without going insane

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a ruby script to download pdfs from, when the download option has been disabled.

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Documentary films must know

The minimum (I think) you need to know about Documentary films

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.sbv to .csv

Convert youtube generate captions into csv for google spreadsheat paper-editing

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Beyond 'video as black boxes'

Various interesting uses of video on the web, both in form of tools and editorial projects.

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Doc Showreel-How To

How to make a documentary showreel

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Story Telling for Paper Editing

What follows is a list of the main concepts of storytelling which are useful to think about in relation to how they apply to the shaping of your story.

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